Great expectations

What you should expect from us:

Bins are ready for pick up by noon on Thursday, most weeks they are ready by 10am.  You can bring your own bags or bin to swap out so that you don’t have to remember to return your empty bin, otherwise just grab your goods and you’re on your way! If you can’t get here on Thursday, you can pick up on Friday or Saturday.

  • The freshest organic fruits and veggies we can get our hands on, if there is ever something in your bin that is not high quality please let us know as soon as possible and we will swap it out or refund you.
  • Great recipes and advice, you may find fruits and vegetables you have never even heard of let alone tasted. What a treat! If you’re not sure what to do with something you get, just ask, we love this stuff!
  • Locally sourced produce. We try to have as much BC produce as possible in the store and especially in our bins. In the summer and fall months this means almost everything, in the winter and early spring, it tends to be supplemented with California, Oregon, Washington
  • 100% Organic. Everything you get will be certified organic, the only exception being our own local Organic Farm Edible Acres who are in the process of becoming certified organic (but have been farming organically since the beginning anyway)
  • 15% Savings. By signing up for the bin you save at least 15% on the produce you receive each week.
  • Little or no packaging. By buying bulk and packaging in bins, we eliminate the need to have packaging on your produce.

What we expect from you:

  • Please return your bin, clean and dry before the next Thursday.
  • If you have signed up for a bin that week, you are responsible for it, we have ordered and prepared this just for you. If something comes up, please call as soon as possible.
  • If you are going away, simply put your bin on hold until you will need it again.
  • To help us support local organic farmers. Each bin you bring home makes an impact on us, the farmers, and the land. Thank you.

Eco Bin

This is the smaller bin, that stays virtually the same each week and covers your basics. Great for families with picky eaters, or people just starting to integrate organic food into their life. This bin is always $20, and is made up of apples, oranges, bananas, plus one other fruit often grapes, pears, or berries + lettuce, tomato, carrot, potato, and one other vegetable, like broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers or celery.


Circle Bin

This is the larger bin; it is usually about half and half fruits and vegetables, but often more veggies. You will always find some type of lettuce, tomato, and apple in this bin but everything else will change week to week depending on what is freshest, best in season, grown closest to us, and most delicious. We always include a recipe dealing with the produce of the week, especially if there are lesser known veggies. This bin ranges from $30-$34.
Check out our “What’s in the Basket” weekly posts to see what you have coming, or what you’re missing.

Organics at Circle Health Food

Organic Produce

Circle Health boasts a full market style produce room bursting with beautiful fruits and vegetable sourced from Organic Farms as local as possible.  (right now we have close to 20 different BC grown  fruits and vegetables) Find anything from a BC apple to yellow Peruvian ginger and probably a recipe or two if we have our way.  We love this stuff!

Buy what you like or order our weekly/bi-weekly basket. Check out this week’s bin.

Signature Pear at Circle Health Food

How to get the most out of your Produce Bin

Having a weekly produce bin that is so dynamic is a great way to be sure you are getting a diverse and balanced nutritional profile.  It also helps guide your recipe planning and cooking for the week.  However it may take some getting used to, here are some tips to be sure you are getting the most from your weekly bin.

Check our “What’s in the Basket” post which is updated every Tuesday.  This will give you an idea of what is coming that Thursday, so you don’t double up if you are shopping before your bin comes.

Prep your lettuce that night. Our culture has gotten so “busy” that we can’t even tear or wash our own lettuce, resulting in a huge waste in over packaged, over priced greens. This is a great job for the kids….



House Keeping

Nothing like Valentines Day to bring out the nag in me J We have many new bin members so I wanted to remind everyone of a few simple but important details.

-       bins are ready for pick up by opening time (10am) on Thursdays, but you can pick it up any time until Saturday at close (5:30pm) we will call to remind you Saturday afternoon if we haven’t seen you yet.

-       On a week with a holiday Monday, the bins will be ready at noon on Thursday, my truck comes late those weeks.

-       please return your bin EVERY week, BEFORE THURSDAY! Even if you are on an every two week schedule, we rely on these bins to fill up for other families. We are missing a lot of bins these days, even if you have a stock pile in your garage, please return them and we promise not to judge!

-       please return your bin CLEAN & DRY! If the bin gets put away dirty or wet it is a big job for us at 6 am on Thursday morning to scrub them and fill them for so many

-       you can bring your own bags for the bin, use the back table to load up, leave your bin by the washroom door for me to rinse & dry, and you don’t have to remember to bring the bin back!

-       if you are unable to pick up your bin please call us so we can sell the produce in the market room or to another family

-       if you are missing any fruits or vegetables please let us know right away so we can replace it

-       some weeks produce arrives in less than ideal quality, for the most part this is taken in to account for pricing. But if you ever find something that is “bad” please let us know right away so we can replace it or credit you

-       if you have any questions on proper storage of your fruits & veggies PLEASE ASK!

-      If you are not familiar with any of the produce in your bin PLEASE ASK! We love this stuff and are happy to share recipes and tips, there are no dumb questions!


What’s in the Basket – February 12th

  • 4 x SPARTAN APPLE : Harkers Organics, Cawston BC
  • 2 x DESERT RUBY GRAPEFRUIT : Purity Organics, CA
  • 4 x TANGELO MINNEOLA : Sundance Natural Foods, CA
  • 4 x BOSC PEAR : Nature’s First Fruit, Cawston BC


  • 1 x BROCCOLI: Goldie Organic Farm, CA
  • 1 x JUMBO WHITE GARLIC : Patagonia Orchards, MX
  • 2 x RED BELL PEPPER : Divine Flavor, MX ***Fairtrade***
  • 1.5lb GERMAN BUTTER POTATO : Snow Farms, Delta BC
  • 1 x CELERY BUNCH: Goldie Organic Farm, CA
  • 1 x SPRING MIX LETTUCE : Earthbound, CA
  • 3 x ROMA TOMATO : Sunny Valley Organics, MX


Similar to our classic “Circle Bin” but full size for large families, or those with Grizzly sized appetites :)

This bin will range from $40-$45


Fruit Box

Perfect for those afraid of vegetables, or for the rest of us who just love fruit! This is a fruit only bin. The contents will vary depending on what is in season, but there will always be apples and bananas.  Great to order for the office or staff room, makes a lovely gift and can be an “add on” to the other baskets with a $2.00 savings. This box ranges from $25-$35

Here is an example of a Fruit Box:

5 Gala Apples

4 Bananas

5 Satsuma Mandarin Orange

1.5lb Thompson Seedless Grape

3 Kiwi


Juice Box

This will change a little week to week to keep things interesting, but you will often find:

Carrots, beets, yams, chard, spinach or kale, lemon or lime, ginger, apples, oranges or pears, cucumbers or celery. And in season we will offer some fun greens like dandelion, or roots like burdock and tumeric.  Prices for this will vary with the season from $20-$30.

Here is an example of a typical bin:

Carrots 4 or 5lb

Beet 1lb

2 bunch kale

1 lemon

1 bunch celery

1 ginger

4 apple

Remember this is all organic.  Many of these will be juicer grade, so they may be large, a bit wrinkly, lumpy or odd looking, but once they are juiced they will sparkle! This bin is also great for those making baby food or pet food.  Lots of healthy stuff for a great value because of the “juicer grade”.