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New Location!!!

We’ve moved across the street to join our cafe

#102 926 7th Ave. Invermere BC

(250) 342-2552

Winter Hours

Monday – Thursday and Saturdays

10 am to 5:30 pm

Friday 10 am to 7:00 pm

Sunday Closed (Being healthy!)


Friday Festivities

Join us Friday evenings to start your weekend right!

Both the store and the cafe are open until 7pm every Friday.

1st Friday of each month will be hosted by Fun & Games for a free drop in GAMES night.  The gang brings all of their favourite board games and best sellers at the shop.  Break off into pairs to play a quick game or join the big table for a challenging adventure.

2nd Friday of each month will be an EDUCATION evening.  Hosted by a series of local smarty pants learn about a product, some recipes, how to make kombucha….

3rd Friday of each month is MUSIC NIGHT hosted by local Emily Rawbon with a rotation of local musicians.

4th Friday of each month will be a hosted by Black Star for an ART night.  This will be a preregister event, with varying guided art & craft projects.  Register at Circle Health Food today! The first event is November 24th and will be a guided “paint your own coffee mug” with locally made mugs.  Black Star will fire the mugs after to be picked up and treasured.

Friday is LOCALS night at Circle.  5:30- 7:00 every Friday. It’s a great evening to shop for your Organic fruits & veggies, pick up some artisan Schoni bread and plan some beautiful meals. Even better, 10% of your purchase you can use that night at the cafe.  FREE stuff is good. I pick out my organic local groceries for a total of $38.75, then take my 10% slip and have $3.88 FREE money at the cafe that night!



Winter Hours

Winter is here.  Actually! It’s always warm at Circle, come in for a tea a soup and some ingredients to make your own once you get home. Here is when you will find us at the shop.

Monday        10:00-5:30

Tuesday        10:00-5:30

Wednesday  10:00-5:30

Thursday      10:00-5:30

Friday           10:00-7:00

Saturday       10:00-5:30

Sunday          Closed * Being Healthy! Hiking, biking, hanging out at the park with kids, walking dogs, gardening, doing yoga…..


Maple Caramelized Parsnip & Golden Beets

Ingredients: 1lb Organic Parsnip, peeled or scrubbed and cut in chunks

1lb Organic Golden Beets, peeled, cut in wedges, slightly thinner than parsnip

Organic coconut oil

3-4 Tbsp Organic Maple Syrup

2 Tbsp Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Tbsp Organic Lemon Juice

1 sprig Organic fresh Rosemary

Sea salt and Organic black pepper to taste


Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toss veggies with maple syrup, lemon and vinegar. Season and add a couple dollops of coconut oil and the rosemary. Roast 35-45 minutes until tender and golden on edges. Adjust seasoning if needed and serve with a stellar Easter meal. This is also great as a kale salad topper, make a little extra “dressing” and toss with kale while veggies are roasting. Arrange on top to wilt the kale and serve hot or room temperature.


Super Saturdays


At Circle Health, I am more interested in what you absorb over what you take.  High quality supplements can make all the difference when you are looking to stay healthy, address an acute or chronic illness or to improve your overall level of wellness.  Unfortunately, you get what you pay for, good stuff costs more.

People have asked many times if I do a monthly promo like some of the bigger chain stores do, and I have played with promotions in many different ways.  But to keep it simple and accessible, here is what I would like to offer:



Protein powders, green and superfood powders and herbal teas are not considered supplements for this sale, please check in for specific sales on those products.


Market Highlights….Remember everything is ORGANIC, NON GMO, and as LOCAL as I can find it

Every Thursday is like Christmas, unpacking boxes of fresh organic goodies.  This week our market style organic produce room will boast some real gems. You’ll have to come in to see for yourself, but here are some highlights…

Three types of BC Apples

Three types of BC Pears

Three types of BC Potatoes

BC Spaghetti Squash (+3 more types of BC Winter Squash)

Gorgeous Green Beans

Dark Leafy Collard Greens and Red Chard

Scrumptious Citrus to chase away the winter flu Tangerine, Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime, Desert Ruby Grapefruit

Even some Blueberries as a treat!

I’m running out of room, but there is more…you’ll have to come in to see the rest :)




Our story

Circle Health Food.  Three simple words each there for a reason.  The circle is represented in nature as a symbol of wholeness, perfection, balance.  Look at any flower, fruit, tree, seed. My vision of health is a continuous spectrum.  There is no A to B path, but it is truly the most worthy path any of us will ever take.  Every path in life begins with and is expressed by our level of health; food is the fuel for all we do. Continue Reading →


Circle U

The best part of my day is when I learn something new.  If we don’t know the answer to what you need, we will pull out one of our many dog eared resource books or hop online to learn with you.  Knowledge is truly powerful. When that knowledge can improve the life of yourself, your family, or your community; it is profound.  Never stop learning. Continue Reading →


Our supplier friends

We love local! As many of our products as possible comes from within BC, here are a few of our favorites made right here in the valley!


Our shelves

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