Gluten Free

We have tons of gluten free and wheat alternative products.  Everything you need to make your own recipes, plus a recipe or two if you need them.  Convenient mixes for muffins or pizza. Great options for pastas, crackers, and protein or power bars.  Not to mention all the Organic fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, smoothies, cheeses…..who needs wheat when you’ve got all this.

One of my new favourites is the Kaslo Sourdough Pasta, from right here in beautiful BC.  Not completely wheat free, but the semolina base is fermented like a sourdough.  The natural fermentation breaks down the gluten proteins so it is much easier to digest for those with wheat intolerances or for the rest of us who still like a good pasta now and then.  With many styles to choose from it’s hard to decide which is my favourite: Semonlina Buckwheat, Semonlina Millet, Semolina Quinoa, Semonlina Wholewheat or Classic.

Coconut Oil at Circle Health Food

Organic oils

  • coconut
  • olive
  • sesame
  • flax
  • canola
  • walnut
Swell Stainless Steel at Circle


  • Life Factory Glass bottles
  • Swell Stainless steel bottles
  • Nkuku gift line
  • Abeego food wrap
  • Kids Konserve
  • Original Tree Swing
Earth Lab at Circle Health Food

Bath, Body & Beauty

My guiding principal for this area is: if I am going to rub it on my body every day, I should be able to eat it without serious consequence.  Not something I would recommend you to try at home, but look at your labels and get informed!

  • Blaine Andrusek Phytotherapy, aromatherapy and body oils
  • Earth Lab Cosmetics
  • Ayu Skin Care
  • Camocare Skin line
  • Andalou Body and Hair
  • Dessert Essence, dental health, hair, bath, body
  • Jason Body and Hair
  • Nature’s Gate
  • Earthpaste
  • Preserve: toothbrush and razors made from recycle yogurt containers
  • Dr. Bronners
  • Green Beaver
  • Sweet Pure Honey: Honey farm in Porcipine Plain Saskatchewan, handmade beeswax based soaps and bodycare
  • Earth Science
Anita's Organic Mill at Circle Health Food

Organic Grocery

All Organic, as Local as possible

  • Anita’s Mill: flours and grains fromChilliwack BC
  • Bulk: beans, legumes, grains, yeast flakes
  • Dried Fruit & Nuts: mixes and singles of every nut & dried fruit you could imagine plus a few more you’ve never heard of
  • Herbs & Spices: huge selection basics to obscure
  • Cereals, granola
  • Protein, power bars




Why choose organic milk?

On Organic Milk
Despite the nay-saying from the National Dairy Council, several studies suggest there is an unquestionable nutritional difference between organic and regular milk. The most recent, released by Newcastle University in the U.K., states organic milk has:

  • •Sixty-seven percent higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Sixty percent more conjugated linoleic acids than regular milk
  • Higher levels of good Omega-3s
  • Lower levels of Omega-6s than conventional milk.

And it tastes better…


Life Factory Glass Bottles

Lifefactory’s BPA-free reusable beverage bottles are clear soda lime glass wrapped in a modern silicone sleeve — an intelligently designed, clean tasting, chemical-free container for all your favorite beverages.

Bounce it on the ground – give it a try – we dare you!