House Keeping

Posted on February 12, 2016

Nothing like Valentines Day to bring out the nag in me J We have many new bin members so I wanted to remind everyone of a few simple but important details.

-       bins are ready for pick up by opening time (10am) on Thursdays, but you can pick it up any time until Saturday at close (5:30pm) we will call to remind you Saturday afternoon if we haven’t seen you yet.

-       On a week with a holiday Monday, the bins will be ready at noon on Thursday, my truck comes late those weeks.

-       please return your bin EVERY week, BEFORE THURSDAY! Even if you are on an every two week schedule, we rely on these bins to fill up for other families. We are missing a lot of bins these days, even if you have a stock pile in your garage, please return them and we promise not to judge!

-       please return your bin CLEAN & DRY! If the bin gets put away dirty or wet it is a big job for us at 6 am on Thursday morning to scrub them and fill them for so many

-       you can bring your own bags for the bin, use the back table to load up, leave your bin by the washroom door for me to rinse & dry, and you don’t have to remember to bring the bin back!

-       if you are unable to pick up your bin please call us so we can sell the produce in the market room or to another family

-       if you are missing any fruits or vegetables please let us know right away so we can replace it

-       some weeks produce arrives in less than ideal quality, for the most part this is taken in to account for pricing. But if you ever find something that is “bad” please let us know right away so we can replace it or credit you

-       if you have any questions on proper storage of your fruits & veggies PLEASE ASK!

-      If you are not familiar with any of the produce in your bin PLEASE ASK! We love this stuff and are happy to share recipes and tips, there are no dumb questions!