Juice Box

Posted on November 19, 2014

This will change a little week to week to keep things interesting, but you will often find:

Carrots, beets, yams, chard, spinach or kale, lemon or lime, ginger, apples, oranges or pears, cucumbers or celery. And in season we will offer some fun greens like dandelion, or roots like burdock and tumeric.  Prices for this will vary with the season from $20-$30.

Here is an example of a typical bin:

Carrots 4 or 5lb

Beet 1lb

2 bunch kale

1 lemon

1 bunch celery

1 ginger

4 apple

Remember this is all organic.  Many of these will be juicer grade, so they may be large, a bit wrinkly, lumpy or odd looking, but once they are juiced they will sparkle! This bin is also great for those making baby food or pet food.  Lots of healthy stuff for a great value because of the “juicer grade”.