Looking in to Circle Health Food

Our Story

Posted on December 15, 2012

Circle Health Food.  Three simple words each there for a reason.  The circle is represented in nature as a symbol of wholeness, perfection, balance.  Look at any flower, fruit, tree, seed. My vision of health is a continuous spectrum.  There is no A to B path, but it is truly the most worthy path any of us will ever take.  Everything we do in life begins with and is expressed by our level of health; food is the fuel for all we do.

This store has lived under several different guises in Invermere since the late 70s.  Passed from one woman entrepreneur to the next, each owner adding their own touch to serve the valley.  Sarah Bourke feels like she is just scratching the surface of what she sees the store can be. Throughout her 12 years of massage therapy Sarah devoted her Continuing Education programs to all areas of health, from body work to aromatherapy, herbology to nutrition.